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Sno-Block® and Spinner-Block® Warranty Policy



Delta Ice, Air and Heat Incorporated, warranties this equipment to be free from defect in material and workmanship under normal use and service for one year from date of purchase and is not transferable.


Our obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing, at our option, any part of the equipment which proves defective within 90 days from date of purchase by a local licensed refrigeration technician and by Delta Ice, Air and Heat in the greater New Orleans area.  The purchase date is the date of the invoice on which the machine was paid and/or shipped.


All parts and labor warranty claims shall be examined and at our discretion, will be settled accordingly.  This warranty shall not apply to any equipment, or any part of equipment, which has been subjected to any accidents, damage in transit, alterations, improper voltage, unauthorized service, negligence, or by any damage due to war, flood, fire or acts of God, etc.  If the compressor is dead on arrival or failed within 90 (ninety) days Delta Ice, Air and Heat may deviate from the Sno-Block® and Spinner-Block® warranty policy and may contribute towards any labor allowances.  The labor time allowance for compressor replacement including start components is 4 hours.


The one year warranty shall not be deemed to place any liability on Delta Ice, Air and Heat Incorporated, for any labor, product loss or travel time.  Delta Ice, Air and Heat Incorporated shall only be obligated hereby to furnish replacement sealed in units or replacement F.O.B. factory.  All transportation cost and labor in effecting exchanges are to be borne by purchaser.  Should replacement parts be required, please submit cabinet and condenser unit model and serial numbers when placing the order.


Delta Ice, Air and Heat neither assumes, nor authorizes any person to assume for it any other obligations or liability in connection with the sales of said cabinet or any part thereof.


Delta Ice, Air and Heat Incorporated will not give labor allowances for every claim submitted.  We spend a tremendous amount of time to solve problems that are the responsibility of the customer.  Freight damage, customer misunderstanding, local electrical problems, excessive heat, local service technicians, health department rules, minor adjustments and glycol problems; some may be, but not limited to responsibility of the customer.  Please call the factory with any questions regarding warranty before expecting Delta Ice, Air and Heat to cover any claims.  Delta Ice, Air and Heat will review every documented, legitimate and reasonable claim, and will respond in accordance with the Sno-Block® and Spinner-Block® warranty policy.


All claims must include model and serial numbers.


All claims must include an original or carbon copy of service work order, which bears
the customers signature, complete address and phone number.


All warranty parts must be returned to factory.


All claims must be returned to the factory within 90 days of failure or the claim will be denied.

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