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These instructions are very important to the use of your machine. If you don’t follow these instructions carefully, you could damage the compressor and void the warranty.


  1. Set the machine in the designated location, plug in the refrigeration only and let run for a few minutes.

  2. After tubing is frosted, pour in ALL pails of propylene glycol.  

  3. Clean all cans, fill with water, up to 3” from the top of the can to allow for expansion of the ice. For Spinner-Block® canisters, fill up to the 4 quart level or one gallon of water.

  4. Install all cans/plastic canisters into the cabinet, then add water to the cabinet to bring the solution level 3” from the bottom of the rails that the cans/plastic canisters hang from.

  5. Run the machine for 2 hours.

  6. After start-up run time, plug in the agitator motor.  Under no circumstance should you unplug the agitator motor when the system has been set up and ice is frozen.  Your machine is now set up and should have ice within 24 to 36 hours depending on ambient and water temperature.

  7. After all cans/plastic canisters are frozen, you may remove the cans/plastic canisters for use.  If you choose not to, the thermostat will cycle the refrigeration on and off as required.  If you don’t need your ice on a daily basis, set the thermostat to 20° to hold ice.  When ready to harvest again, set thermostat to 0°.  This will conserve energy.

  8. In the off season, when the cabinet is not in use, unplug the agitator and compressor. Remove the cans/plastic canisters, dry thoroughly and turn upside down on a table.  Keep the lid of the machine closed.

  9. Do not enclose machine in a small room, without adequate ventilation.  The machine produces heat and needs plenty of ventilation.

  10. Before starting up for the next season, send a small amount of solution to us and we will test it at no charge and advise you on the amount of propylene glycol you may need to add to the cabinet.  Please include your name, phone number, address, and model number of your machine with the sample.  Use only inhibited propylene glycol, food grade.  It will normally require 5-10 gallons.  Never throw glycol away, as it does not go bad.

  11. When starting your machine back up, wash cans/plastic canisters thoroughly, then follow steps 2-4 again.

Water level mark on Sno-Block® stainless

steel can always fills to 3 inches from top of can.

When filling the Spinner-Block® container, be sure to only fill up to the 4qt level. When placing into cabinet, place into correct rail lane, pushing down into glycol solution. When container is lined up with slots in the rails, slowly turn container so that side handles can fit into the slots. Then slowly slide along rails into position.

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