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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I'm getting a slushy ice in my cabinet or my machine is freezing up and I can't remove the cans to harvest the ice?


First of all, check your T'stat and make sure it is set on 0 to 5 degrees. Usually when this happens it means that you have gotten out of balance with your glycol/water mixture which needs to remain near 50/50 ratio. You will have to defrost your cabinet. Harvest your ice. If you are not able to get the cans out of the machine then turn off your condensing unit, leave the agitator motor running. As soon as you can, harvest the ice. Place the cans with tap water in them back in the cabinet to help raise the temperature. You should remove any chunks of ice floating. When all the ice is gone you can turn your condensing unit back on and set the T'stat on 5 degrees. Take a sample of the liquid and put in a small bottle that has a tight lid. Mail it to us along with your Name, Daytime phone number, and the model number of your machine, we will test it for free and call you with the results. Mail it to Delta Ice Air & Heat, Inc., 107 Alpha St., Belle Chasse, LA 70037




Why does it take so long to make ice? Shouldn't my machine make 2 harvests in 24 hours?


All of our Sno-Block Machines are designed to make ice twice in 24 hours with the exception of the 404-1500-SBS which will make ice 3 times in 24 hours at 70 degrees ambient temperature. The problem is, the 404-220-SBS,404-440-SBS and the 404-1000-SBS all make ice twice if the ambient temperature surrounding the machine is 70 degrees or less.  The hotter the temperature the longer it can take to make ice as the condenser must struggle to overcome the heat. We suggest that you keep the machine in a cool area and even keep a fan on it to help.




Can I shut down my machine for the winter?


The simple answer is yes, you can completely shut down the machine for the winter and restart it for the next season when the time comes. Be sure to remove your ice and clean your cans, turn them upside down in a clean area. Simply unplug the condenser unit and the agitator motor. When you are ready to start back up, get your manual and follow the directions on Page 2. You might want to send a glycol sample prior to making ice but be sure to allow the agitator time to mix the solution in the cabinet well.




Why is my ice cloudy and/or why does my ice crack when I try to shave it?


More than likely, if your ice is cloudy then you have minerals in your water and need to filter the water that you are putting into the ice cans. We carry in-line water filtering systems and if you need one you can contact us for it. If the ice is brittle and cracks then the quality of water can be to blame or you might have the T'Stat set too low. Never, Never put the T'Stat below zero degrees as this can damage the system. More is not better.




How do I send you a sample of my Glycol?


We do not need a lot of your Glycol Solution to test it for you, just a small medicine bottle full as it only takes a couple of drops on the Tester. We do need you to include along with your sample your Daytime Phone Number, Name, your Machine Model # and if you don't know that tell us how many ice cans are in your machine. Send this to Delta Ice Air & Heat, Inc., 107 Alpha St., Belle Chasse, LA 70037. We will test the sample you send and call you the same day with the results. If you do not have any Glycol to add you can purchase it from us in 5 gallon pails or a 55 gallon drum and we will ship it to you via UPS.




My Sno-Block Machine is not freezing the ice, some of the cans are partially frozen but only a few.


Sometimes your machine can spring a freon leak. In order to check you have to find the Site-Glass on the side of the refrigeration lines, it looks like a watch-face, usually covered with a snap-on white and green cover. Take off the cover and see if a clear liquid is flowing through it, if not and only froth and bubbles are showing then it is possible that your freon is low. If this is the case, then you will need a refrigeration tech to come out and check the freon level, and if low he will need to find the leak and re-charge the unit. Have him call us at 800-684-0081 to check on the type of freon and the amount needed. Also, it could be something as simple as checking and adjusting the T'Stat, which should be set on 0 - 5 degrees F




How do I get my Sno-Block Machine repaired if something goes wrong?


You will need to call us at 800-684-0081 with your model number and serial number, which usually can be found on the top of the machine next to the Agitator Motor on a metal tag. Once we know the age of your machine and the size we can lead you in the right direction to get help in repairing it. In most cases a refrigeration technician that works on cube ice machines can repair anything that you will need and we carry all parts for our machines in stock and ready to ship out UPS to your repairman. If we know a repair technician in your area, we will gladly refer them to you.




Why are some of my ice cans bulging and bursting at the seams?


Usually when this happens the cans have been allowed to partially defrost and re-freeze. In some cases they have even been placed in a regular freezer. THIS WILL BURST AND BULGE THE CANS EVERY TIME!!!!! NEVER NEVER DO THIS! The cans will have to be replaced as they will no longer work properly.

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