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Have a technician make the proper refrigeration installation.


Pump down the condensing unit by closing the high side gauge port, thereby storing the refrigerant in the condensing unit.


Front seat suction valve and receiver valve on the condensing unit.


Place condensing unit in the desired spot, preferably in a location outside of the room where the cabinet is located.  If the condensing unit is placed outside, provide a shelter over the condensing unit to protect it from the elements, thereby, strengthening the life and efficiency of the condensing unit.

Connect 5/8 suction line and 3/8 liquid line.  One method is to use Stay Brite 1/8 D-Solder, used with stay clean flux by the J.W. Harris Co.


Open discharge gauge and purge about 1 pound of refrigerant through the suction gauge port and let it bleed throughout the receiver gauge port.  If a vacuum pump is available, evacuate for one hour immediately after purging.


Hook up 110 or 220 volt, single phase, 60 cycle electrical line to the air cooled compressor.


Using a liquid detergent, check all connections for leaks.


Charge with appropriate refrigerant until “Sight Glass” has solid liquid. Make sure you use the proper refrigerant.


Start the compressor and check the evaporator for frost.  The evaporator tubing should frost within 5 minutes.


Back seat suction valve and receiver valve, and close off gauge ports and valve stems.  Make sure suction valve is cracked to sense pressure control.


The high side pressure control is factory set at approximately 275 P.S.I.G., and will kick out only in an emergency situation.


The low side pressure control is factory set at approximately 15 P.S.I.G. and cut in, and 2 TO 0 P.S.I.G. cut out. 


The purpose of the factory setting is a safety precaution in the event of loss of refrigeration or motor failure.


Some pressure controls have low side differential settings. The differential should be set at approximately 12 P.S.I.G. (the cut out is equal to the cut in less the differential).

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