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Ice blocks have smooth sides for less wear and tear on your snow ball shaver


No loss of ice due to melting, shipping and waste


No waiting for ice deliveries


No trips to pick up ice


No need to cut into smaller blocks


Cabinets are constructed of durable gel-coated fiberglass, giving the machine better insulation


New improved condensing unit covers with easy on/off slip-in rails


Top mounted thermostat, with better visual control for better temperature control


Environmentally safe refrigerant is now used on all machines, meaning an increase in efficiency


Stainless steel cans are made of 304 quality stainless and plastic canisters are made of highly durable polyethylene material, all of which are NSF


All machines have lid gaskets, insulated expansion and C.P.R. valves, sight glass, and filter dryer


All refrigeration systems are run tested for a minimum of 24 hours prior to shipping to insure proper operation of the machine before it reaches the customer, and have easy to reach service valves


Electrical whips are installed on agitator and condensing units


Low pressure switches are installed as a safety precaution


Unit is complete and ready to plug in


There are only 3 moving parts on the entire machine




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