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The cans/plastic canisters manufactured for the Sno-Block® and Spinner-Block® Ice Maker are of top quality materials and when properly cared for, will withstand years of use.  The following is a list of tips and valuable information regarding the proper use and maintenance of the cans/plastic canisters. 




Even the slightest presence of ice in the cans/plastic canisters when the freezing process begins, will disrupt the proper pattern of freezing and cause water to be trapped on the sides and the bottom of the can/plastic canister. The pressure resulting from this will bulge and/or split these cans/plastic canisters.



This will cause the cans/plastic canisters to split.


   There are two situations that will cause this to happen:


  1. The can/plastic canister is removed from the machine and allowed to slightly thaw. If the can/plastic canister is put right back in the machine, this will cause the water around the edges to refreeze, resulting in a split or bulged can/plastic canister. Once the can/plastic canister is removed from the machine, never allow it to stand for even 1 minute, without removing the ice from the can/plastic canister (harvesting), and refilling and returning to the machine

  2. Never shut off the refrigeration on the machine for any period of time without removing the ice from the cans/plastic canisters.  Should you shut the refrigeration off, while the cans/plastic canisters are frozen, and turn it back on, the cans/plastic canisters will have thawed somewhat, and once re-frozen, will result in the cans/plastic canisters splitting or bulging. Once a can/plastic canister has split or bulged, it is useless.  It is very important that you never thaw and refreeze the cans/plastic canisters.


Handle the cans/plastic canisters with care when removing from the machine.

Do not hit the can/plastic canister to break loose the ice, nor attempt to use an ice pick
to remove ice.


Sno-Block® and Spinner-Block® Can/Plastic Canister Warranty Policy


The warranty is intended to protect against manufacturing defects in the cabinet. Any cans/plastic canisters returned which show signs of abuse or misuse, will not be covered by the warranty.


When the cans/plastic canisters are completely frozen, remove them as needed, place them upside down on a harvest table or sink and either run water over the can/plastic canister and the ice will release in a few seconds, or leave cans/plastic canisters for 15-30 minutes and they will lightly thaw and release. Once the ice is removed from the can/plastic canister, it is ready for use, or may be bagged and stored in a freezer. Refill empty cans/plastic canisters with water until reaching the appropriate level and place back in your machine. The agitator motor is designed to run continuously. The “agitator” motor will get hot. This is normal. Take extreme care not to build excessive ice in the solution containing the propylene glycol.  Avoid any ice build-up on the cooling coils. If ice builds up, it can be controlled by adding glycol to the solution or by raising the T-Stat. 


If excessive ice builds up in the solution containing the Dowfrost, it will buldge or break the cabinet.


Discard the first harvest because of possible impurities in the cans/plastic containers. Be sure cans/plastic canisters are thoroughly clean before you make ice for consumption. Under no circumstance should you set the thermostat any lower than 0 (zero) degrees, as this could cause severe damage to the cabinet. Keep the condenser clean by periodically brushing out lent and dust from between the fins.  This is very important as it keeps the unit running at its highest efficiency. Order any replacement parts directly from Delta Ice, Air & Heat. Be sure that you supply your model and serial numbers of both the cabinet and the condensing unit. This will insure that the part you order is the part needed for your particular machine. The water in the cabinet may diminish due to evaporation and use. This is normal. Just refill with a mixture of 1 part propylene glycol to one part water. Additional propylene glycol can be purchased from Delta Ice, Air & Heat.

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